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Reflection for Monday, 16th week in Ordinary Time

Text: Exodus 14:5-18; Matthew 12:38-42.

We can often miss the significance of certain moments in life. They pass us by without our really coming to savour them. It is only looking back on them that we realize just how important those experiences were. We are not always fully present to what is happening in our lives.

We see this lack of appreciation of Divine Presence (Divine moments) displayed by the Israelites in the scriptures of today. Momentarily they forgot that the God who saved them from Egypt, can and will save them from whatever will prevent them from reaching the promise land. Thank God for Moses, who understood the power of His God. Moses had to say to the people, ‘The Lord will do the fighting for you; you have only to keep still’.

The people were panicking when they realized that the Egyptians were giving chase. They began to think that they should never have left Egypt. As they said to Moses, ‘Better to work for the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness’. Moses began to reassure them that God would provide for them. God would do the fighting for them; they had only to keep still and trust God.

Beloved, Moses challenges us today, by his words of encouragement. We need to be conscious of Divine Presence every moments of our lives. Being conscious of Divine Presence means that we must hand over the demanding situation of our being to the Lord, trusting and knowing that he will do the fighting for us. It is not easy to be still when the strong temptation is to panic, to become weighed down by anxiety and distress. Yet, there are times when we need to be still before the Lord, trusting and knowing that he will provide for us, especially when we sense that the situation we are facing is beyond us.

We can become so focused on the problem, the distressing situation, that we lose sight of the Lord. The Lord is always saying to us what he says to the Pharisees in today’s gospel reading, ‘There is something greater than Jonah here… there is something greater than Solomon here’. We have a wonderful resource in the Lord who is always with us. The Lord stands ready to do our fighting for us, if and only if, we TRUST HIM FULLY.

Good Morning Beloved
God bless you Plentifully.

Fr Paul George writes from Calabar

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